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Food Safety

  Virginia Cooperative Extension
Virginia Cooperative Extension Offices are located in virtually every County in the Commonwealth and offer free programs and publications on food safety and nutrition. Find your local Cooperative Extension Office by clicking. 

  VCE Food Safety Information
The Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) offers information on the safe handling of food, canning safety, food storage and preservation guidelines,and more. 

  Food Safety for All
Provided by the FDA.  Find a broad range of information on  Food Safety Programs, Product-Specific Information, Food Allergens, Foodborne Illness, Food Contaminants & Adulteration, Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP), Retail Food Protection, and Safe Storage, Preparation & Handling.

  Food Safety Advice
Provided by the US government's National Food Safety Information Network. Find consumer advice about food and water safety after fires, floods, hurricanes, and power outages.  Also find advice about safe food handing in home and away, advice for various age groups, and product-specific advice on water, eggs, meat, dairy, poultry, seafood, fruits, vegatables, and ready-to-eat foods.  

  Food Safety / Spanish
Provided by the US government's National Food Safety Information Network

  Food Safety Brochures
Provided by the Partnership for Food Safety Education.  Find food safety brochures in ready-to-print form in English and Spanish which can be used by individuals or be printed and distributed by agencies.

Safe Food Hotline - 888-SAFEFOOD 
The Food and Drug Administration Hotline answers questions about safe handling of seafood, fruits, and vegatables as well as rules governing food safety in restaurants and food stores.

Meat/Poultry Hotline - 800-535-4555
The USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline answers questions about safe handling of meat and poultry as well as many other consumer food issues.

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