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 Insurance Information for Virginians
In Virginia, the State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance (BOI) has many free brochures online and by mail. Get the Virginia Health Insurance Guide as well as a list of companies offering  individual health coverage in Virginia, tips on buying insurance, help understanding coverage, information on appealing a denial of coverage, and more. On the web or by calling 800-552-7945.

 Medicaid - Official Site
Medicaid pays for medical assistance for certain individuals and families with low incomes and resources. Jointly funded by the Federal and State governments, Medicaid is the largest source of funding for medical and health-related services for people with limited income.  On the web or by calling  877-267-2323

 Medicaid - VA Dept of Social Services
To see if you are eligible for Medicaid, contact your local Department of Social Services. Find your local DSS Office by clicking or by calling 800-230-6977

  Medicaid in Virginia
A PDF of the Virginia Medicaid Program At A Glance  which provides good basic information from the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance.  For people already receiving Medicaid, you can get answers about Medicaid by calling 804-786-6145

 Insurance Complaints
In Virginia, the State Corporation Commission’s Bureau of Insurance (BOI) deals with individual consumer inquiries and complaints.  You can file your complaint about an insurance company, managed health insurance plan, or  agent online or by mail. To contact the BOI, click or call 800-552-7945.

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