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Special Needs  / Disabilities

 Virginia Disability Resources
The Virginia Board for People with Disabilities addresses the needs of people with developmental disabilities. Find links to local, state, and federal organizations and agencies  offering disability-related resources - including education, early intervention, employment, assistive technology, housing, and transportation. 

 VBPD Disability Newsletters
The Virginia Board for People with Disabilities offers copies of current and past issues of its 'Voices & Visions' newsletter which include information about Virginia-based events, meetings, and resources. 

 Social Security Disability Information
The Social Security Administration offers benefits to people with disabilities.  Find information about the Social Security Disability Program and the Supplemental Security Income Program.  Also find a simple Eligibility Screening Tool to determine if you or someone you know is eligible for one or both programs. 
 Information available on the web, at your local Social Security office, or by calling 800-772-1213

 Apply for SSA Benefits Online
The Social Security Administration offers benefits to adults (ages 18 to 65) with disabilities.  Start your application for benefits here.

 Community Service Boards
Virginia's Community Service Boards help with a variety of needs including
adults with mental illness, mental retardation, and substance abuse disorders; outpatient and day support needs of people with severe mental illness; and psychiatric emergencies.  To find your local CSB, click here.

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