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Infant Screening

 Newborn Hearing Screening
All Virginia hospitals with newborn nurseries or neonatal intensive care services screen the hearing of all newborns prior to discharge and inform parents about their infant's risk status and/or screening results and recommendations for follow-up. The Virginia Early Hearing Detection and Intervention program helps assure enrollment in appropriate services early intervention services by six months of age.  Information on the web or by calling 866-493-1090

  Virginia Newborn Screening Services
Information about screening done on all infants born in Virginia hospitals.  Screenings are done to identify infants with birth defects and give early treatment to help prevent serious complications, such as mental retardation, permanent disabilities, or even death.  Information on the web or by calling 800-523-4019

Sickle Cell Awareness  - 804-371-4110
In Virginia, all babies are screened at birth for sickle cell disease.  Ask your baby's doctor if any unusual hemoglobin type was identified on newborn screening.  To find out more about sickle cell disorders and other hemoglobin types, call the Virginia Sickle Cell Awareness Program at the number above.

 Infant & Toddler Connection of VA
Provides early intervention support and services to infants and toddlers from birth through age two who are not developing as expected or who have a medical condition that can delay normal development. Available for all eligible children and their families regardless of the family's ability to pay.  Information on the web or by calling 800-234-1448

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