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Exercise tips, like diet advice, are all over the internet.  Many sites, including commercial sites, offer good advice - but keep in mind that commercial sites are businesses that want you to buy their products and services.

In this section, we offer basic exercise advice to get you started - primarily from public and non-profit sources.  If you have suggestions for other non-commercial sites that you find valuable, please e-mail us with your suggestions.   

  Active Your Way - A Guide
A short guide from the US Department of Health and Human Services on how to fit physical activity into your life. PDF format

NIA Publications on Exercise - NEW
From the National Institute on Aging.   Booklets and posters in both English and Spanish on exercise and fitness.  You can order single as well as multiple copies of the print versions or just click on the pictures of the publications to view them online.

NIA Go4Life Exercises - NEW
From the National Institute on Aging.   Offers a wide range of safe exercises for seniors to enhance Endurance, Strength, Balance, and Flexibility.

 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
From the US Department of Health and Human Services. Extensive (60+ pages)  recommendations on physical activity for adults and children. PDF format

ExRx.net (Exercise Prescription on the Net) is a free resource for the exercise professional, coach, or fitness enthusiast featuring comprehensive exercise libraries (over 1,300 exercises!), fitness assessment calculators, and numerous reference articles - for all fitness levels and ages.

Mayo Clinic's Exercise Basics 
Extensive non-commercial site with multiple resources from basic fitness information to in-depth discussions, multimedia and additional resources.  

An Exercise Quiz 
From NBC and iVillage - a simple, confidential self-test on exercise basics as well as links to exercise-related information.

 FITNESS.GOV - Web Resources
From the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Links to a broad range of reputable web resources on a variety of health and fitness topics.

President's Challenge - Adult Fitness Test
From the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports 5 which works to make the health and fitness of all Americans a top national priority.  The Adult Fitness Test includes a series of challenges that you can do and then enter your data online for a confidential evaluation.  Covers aerobic fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Exercise Videos
From Exercise is Medicine's Keys to Exercise video series.  Includes videos on the type,  intensity, and duration of aerobic exercise as well as strength training, flexibility, and even setting up a home gym on a shoestring.

Exercising with Health Conditions
From the American College of Sports Medicine. Short resource articles on exercising with various health conditions - including asthma, osteoporosis, aneurisms, cerebral palsy, hypertension, MS, diabetes, and  more.  

More Fitness Basics 
From Everyday Health.  Covers exercise basics, workouts, health conditions, motivation, shoe suggestions, and more.

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