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Virginia Health
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Free Clinics and 
Community Health Centers

Free Clinics in Virginia
Free Clinics are private, nonprofit, community-based or faith-based organizations that provides compassionate, quality health care at little or no charge to low-income, uninsured people through heavy use of volunteer health professionals and partnerships with other health-related organizations. Click to see a list (with links to each location) of Free Clinics in Virginia.

 Community Health Centers
Community Health Centers (CHCs) are nonprofit organizations located in medically underserved areas (MUAs), providing comprehensive primary health care to anyone seeking care. In addition to treating individual patients, health centers emphasize health promotion and disease prevention for entire communities. A Community Health Center does not deny anyone primary health care services - all community residents have equal access regardless of ability to pay, geographic location, culture, age, sex, or religion. Click to see a list (with links to each location) of Community Health Centers in Virginia.

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