Virginia Health Information Project

A ZERO-COST Donation Opportunity for Virginia Businesses
and Individuals to Support the Soho Center's
Virginia Health Information Project

This unique zero-cost opportunity makes use of NAP Tax Credits and is for individuals,
partnerships, LLCs, Sub-chapter S, and traditional corporations that pay
Virginia income tax and federal income tax

Jeanna Beker With VA Governor Bob McDonnell
Soho Center's Director, Jeanna Beker, with Attorneys General Jerry Kilgore, Mark Earley, and Bob McDonnell
whose offices provided funding and support for the Soho Center's innovative literacy and health projects

Your Particular Zero-Cost Donation Option
Depends on your Federal Tax Bracket

- Please Select the Situation that Applies to You -

  • If you are a Virginia corporation paying a corporate income tax of 34% (or more) or you are a Virginia individual or couple paying a federal income tax rate of 33% (or more), please Click Here for further information - including information on donating appreciated assets which can actually make you money from your zero-cost donation
-  or  -
  • If you are a Virginia individual or couple (or in a partnership, LLC or other such entity) taxed at less than 33% federally, please Click Here for further information.

We're pleased that the Soho Center's innovative 18 year-long distribution of state tax credits to our donors was featured in the November 12th issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The Chronicle is the preeminent journal in the non-profit world. 

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